HCP Technology Co., Ltd

Talent Strategy

As a modern enterprise with a people-oriented management philosophy, HCP constantly improves its incentive and management systems including performance management, benefit management and quality of human resources, etc. to establish a “three in one” human resources development system featured with the integration of management competence, technical skills and marketing talents. By doing so, the company is able to achieve its core objective of “enhancing the value of human resources, strengthening the advantages of specialization”. To achieve its sustainable development, the company has put great effort in the establishment of the platform for the cultivation of its talents so that the company and its employees can grow and progress together.

Talent development

Talents cultivation is the core task of human resources management. The company continuously improves and innovates its talents cultivation mechanism according to the needs for the talents of different types and at different levels. By integrating theoretical training and practical experiences, the company has established an extensive, multi-level and open talent training system. Step by step, a new talent cultivation mode that suits the needs of group enterprise will be established by the company in the near future.

Staff Life